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Grace to You John MacArthur a very humble man and probably the best bible teacher walking the earth today!
Many free resources

Dr. Jack MacArthur (1914-2005)
John MacArthur's father, leaves a legacy of 70 years of great gospel preaching.

Dr. J. V. McGee
Dr. J. V. McGee
has gone home to be with the Lord but his teachings "Thru The Bible" continue to be a light unto the world.

Evangelism Boot Camp

Learn how to be more effective in evangelism a member of the Salem Web Network MP3 Sermons

Over 14,000
Vintage Sermons Free


Answers in Genesis

Kent Hovind is
A Must see!

Word of Life Ministries
- Not church as usual
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     Sister Donna and brother., J
   Seek Ye The Truth   
        And The Truth Shall Set You Free


      The "Authorized 1611 AD" King James Version of the Holy Bible:
        Contains - )( The Word of  God ~ Wisdom of  The Ages )(
          ...66 Books - 1,189 chapters - 31,093 verses - 773,692 words
            Comprised of  3,586,489 letters.

        The word  "Lord"  occurs 7736 times
        The word  "God"  occurs 4370 times
        The word  "love"  occurs 310 times

        There are 613 commandments...
          According to our main sources, of these 613,
          248 are mitzvot aseh ("positive commandments")
          and 365 are mitzvot lo taaseh ("negative commandments").
          It is notable that 365 is the number of days in a solar year
          and 248 was at that time believed
          to be the number of bones in the human body.

        You do the math,
          without adding to or taking away from ...
          Justly  dividing by:  Truth

        Shortest Verse is:    John 11: 35
        Longest Verse is:    Esther 8: 9
        Shortest Chapter is:    Psalms 117:
        Longest Chapter is:    Psalms 119:
        Middle Verse is:    Psalms 118: 8
        The Center falls between two words  "The Lord" 
        Every Verse in Psalms 136: ~ has the same ending!

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May the Lord Bless You All, Always and In All Ways!

Now to God, who by the power at work within us
is able to do far more abundantly than all that we
ask or imagine, to God be glory in the church
and in Christ Jesus to all generations,
forever and ever. Amen -- Ephesians 3:20-21


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